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Partners In Health Acupuncture in Kenosha, WI with Linda Stengel, Certified Acupuncturist

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Partners In Health Acupuncture Clinic
3624 Sheridan Rd.
Kenosha, WI  53140


Located on Hwy 32 (Sheridan Rd.) at 37th St. in Kenosha.  

From the north, take Hwy 32 south, approx 1.5 miles south of Carthage College, on the opposite (west) side of the street.   It is 3/10 of a mile south of the Mexican restaurant, La Fogata, at the intersection of Hwy 32, 7th Ave. and Sheridan Rd.  A four story apartment complex is on the opposite side just before the clinic.  Just ten minutes from Hwy 32 and Durand Ave. in Racine. 

From the west, take Hwy E east to Hwy 32.  Turn right (south) on Hwy 32.  The clinic is a little over 2 miles south of E, on the west (right) side of the road.

From the south, take Hwy 32 to 37th St., on the west side of the road. 

It's a very residential area and there is a sign in the front (Partners In Health).  There are two driveways:  the southern drive is at 37th St.  Parking is available on both driveways on the perimeter (not against the building).  The entrance is at the west end of the building.


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