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Partners In Health Acupuncture in Kenosha, WI with Linda Stengel, Certified Acupuncturist

Military Stress Recovery Project

Veterans' Clinic
Providing Free Treatment to Those Who Served Our Country and Their Families

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3624 Sheridan Rd. in Kenosha (Sheridan Rd at 37th St.)

The Military Stress Recovery Project is one of many acupuncture clinics operating around the country as part of Acupuncturists Without Borders (  These free clinics for service men and women, vets and their families help to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and help relieve post-combat stress and trauma.  After their first treatments, our participants are reporting decreased anger and bad dreams, fewer headaches, less depression, and a sense of feeling calmer, more than they have in years.

Treatments last 20-40 minutes, with 5 tiny needles placed in each ear.  Needles are sterile and are disposed of after each use.  Please tell the service personnel and veterans in your life about our clinic and encourage them to attend.  Call 652-5500 to schedule an appointment.

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