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* I came to see Linda for what I called severe, crippling pain in my lower back, right hip, and thigh.  I had a herniated disc from a fall in 2005 and degenerative arthritis in my lower spine.  Injections helped until a year ago.  After my first treatment, I got up and forgot I had my walker with me!  I have taken long trips in the car that I couldn’t do before and I have hardly any pain.  I am so happy and feel really good.

Linda, this is to share with you and everyone about my experience with acupuncture. I had fallen and broken my neck which damaged the nerves to my hands, the pain was so bad I was ready to give up. My wife and I were driving down Sheridan Road and she pointed to Linda's clinic and we pulled in and I talked to her and she said she thought she could do something with the pain.  She not only stopped the pain, she took it all away and I have no pain whatsoever, so in that sense I guess I could say she saved my life. She treated my eyes which have macular degeneration.  When we started, the smallest I could read was 36 point font, I am now reading 16 point, that's really amazing. Linda is also helping me with a prostate problem and is having a good deal of success.  The needles do not hurt and I get a one hour nap, and then I am done for the day. I can't recommend it too highly.

*You have changed my life!

*This is the first time in 27 years that I didn't have to take either Xanax or antihistamines to sleep!

*I had been suffering with debilitating neck and shoulder pain for some time. I was dubious about acupuncture but because of Linda's excellent reputation I went to see her. My first visit proved to be the most remarkably effective health-related treatment session of my life. I experienced a dramatic reduction in pain and immediately cut my pain medications by 50%. My condition improved with each subsequent session. In less than three weeks my pain was completely gone, along with the medications, and I had resumed an active life. I still marvel at how much Linda helped me in such a short time."

*I just want to thank you for the treatment I received for my knees and hands. After struggling with bakers cysts and patella femoral syndrome in my knees for over a year, acupuncture was really the only thing that helped with the pain. I am happy to report that I am on my legs longer every day with less and less pain from your treatment. An unexpected side benefit as well was being able to completely avoid a cold that the rest of my family endured. I will certainly be back for subsequent treatment as needed. Thank you so very much for what you offer people like me!

*I went to see Linda at Partners in Health for one of the worst #10 headaches I've had in years.  I used to go to the ER for treatment for this severe of a headache, but since I have seen Linda in the past (about 4 years now) and had relief from weaker migraines I asked my husband to call her.  She was just about to leave for the day but stayed open for me. (who else does that?) I was still in extreme pain when I got there.  After Linda inserted the first couple of needles my pain level was down to a #4 and stayed that way the rest of the day without any other kind of treatment or medicine.  The headache was completely gone by the next morning, and it hasn't returned.  Linda is so caring and so good at what she does whether it's acupuncture or massage I would recommend her to everyone.  Linda has been my hero countless times.  Thanks Linda!!

*My son felt better right away.... It was hard for him to sit for a long period of time before he saw you.  We were in and out of the car all night.  Thanks so much! You Rock Linda!!

*This has had a tremendous effect on my life.

*The 1.5 hours I spent  in that chair has completely altered my life.

*My knee feels better than it has in two years.

*After a broken femur, a badly fractured hip, and 8 weeks of therapy I still had weakness, limp, and some pain in my leg.  My very first treatment of acupuncture was amazing.  No limp, less pain, and I knew I was coming back. 

*Numbness of my fingertips impeded so many normal activities and left me frustrated.  My left hand has had instant restoration of fingertip sensation.  The right hand has improved utilization even though tingling continues in two fingers and thumb.  Unexpectedly, both my knees have improved bending mobility.  Great!!  I consider the improvement in functioning amazing.  I love telling the story of the change in functioning of hands and knees.  Thank you Linda.

*I came in for shoulder and neck pain.  Acupuncture has made things easier and I have better moods.  This is great—I love it!

*My knees are much better; I'm very satisfied.

*Neck pain brought me here.  It no longer hurts to do my work and my job stress doesn't always cause neck pain anymore.  It has very definitely improved the quality of my life!

*Your report card today is excellent.  I cannot believe how great my knee is.  I would have never believed it if someone were telling me this.  Thanks!

*…my head seems more positive and energized towards more positive thoughts than it has been in years, I cannot account for any reason for this, other than the positive energy coming from my acupuncture treatments administered by you…deepest thanks.  Also, thank you for your flexible pricing and allowing so many of us to afford the treatment, which I know I could not otherwise afford;  you've shown by being compassionate that greed isn't the answer.  Thank you, just another grateful client.

*I just felt I needed to let you know how much you have helped me.  Back in 1994, I had a decompression laminectomy because I had lost most of my feeling in my feet.  I could barely walk.  After the surgery, I regained some feeling and I could walk again.  Now in the last few years, I've been noticing the numbness returning in my feet and I've been dreading another surgery.  In 1997 I experienced a severe sciatic nerve problem and one of the treatments was an epidural block plus pain medication, all to no avail, so I went to an acupuncturist for 10 treatments at $60 per session.  It helped some but I still had the sciatic problem.  With the numbness returning to my feet, I decided to try you to see if you could me and eliminate surgery again.  I want you to know I have had four treatments and as of today I have sensation in my feet I can't remember ever feeling.  I'll probably be able to dance at my grandchildren's wedding.  I'll never be able to thank you enough!

*My spouse had injured his upper arm, causing such pain that he was having a difficult time using his canes for walking and preventing him from enjoying his hobby in the workshop.  We were not able to find any relief so decided to try your acupuncture.  What a good thing it turned out to be.  After many months of pain he is now pain free, walking fine with his canes and enjoying his workshop.  At the same time, I was having problems with my back, knee, and bottom of the foot.  This had gone on many years but had gotten to the point I had to give up walking.  You brought great relief and I was again able to walk.  After two treatments we joined our daughter in Orlando and spent 12 hours in the park on my feet!!  Your pricing is so fantastic!  It makes acupuncture affordable and that is what allowed us both to get relief from your treatment.  My doctor and chiropractor both said to keep it up as it is helping!

*I came here to quit smoking.  I have had good days and bad, but more good.  I would not believe that lying here with needles poking out of me would be so relaxing. Once I have satisfied myself that I can keep 'not' smoking, I plan on coming at least once a month, if not more, for the relaxation. I have never been able to sit still and I am learning to enjoy it tremendously.

*Linda:  Webster's defines compassion as: "sympathetic, consciousness of others' distress, together with a desire to alleviate it."  Once again I find myself expressing a heartfelt 'thanks' to you; I've had several others say the same thing when I referred them to you.

*I have spasmodic dysphonia, which is a voice condition that makes one hard to understand. I have done everything...voice therapy, botox shots into the vocal cords, and even treatment for Parkinson's disease. Nothing worked. On the internet I ran across acupuncture as something that works in SOME patients. I found Linda and we tried it.  And guess what, though not perfect, the voice has certainly improved....But just as amazing, is that I mentioned my total knee implant was NOT in correctly and surgery to replace it, though it is only 4 years old, is probably needed.  The knee is "killing me" I told her.  I didn't think Linda could do anything since we are talking about a titanium knee.  Her work on this knee made it so much better I just may cancel surgery....I was an absolute doubter about this whole thing.  If someone were telling me about his or her knee improvement through acupuncture, I would say, 'yeah, right'.  I thought this would be just one more thing to try for my dysphonia, not even thinking about my knee.  Wow, it worked on both.  I am now a total believer.  The whole acupuncture experience is totally relaxing and it works. I can walk and ride a bike.  I can talk better.  Amazing to me.

*I am deeply grateful to you that you can treat my knees without me having to go to the doctor and get some pills instead.  I really appreciate you.

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